[ LOVE&PEACE展 要 項 ]

展覧会名: LOVE&PEACE International Mail Art Exhibition 2020

1884年以降フランスではじまった反アカデミズムを標榜したサロン・デ・ザルデスト・ザンデ パンダン展の精神を受け継いで、日本では1947年以来日本アンデパンダン展(主催:日本美術会) として受け継がれています。
商業主義に流されず、自由・平等の開かれた創作発表の場を守り続けて72年、毎年アンデパ ンダン展を開催してきました。
しかし今、世界では戦争、内乱、テロが激しさを増し犠牲者や難民が増え続けています差別や 憎しみが絶える事がありません。


会 期:2020年3月18日(水)〜3月30日 (月)
素 材:
表 面:作 品
裏 面:タイトル/お名前/国名[英語表記]
TEL:+81-3-5842-5665 FAX:+81-3-5842-5666


International Mail Art Exhibition 2020
The 73th Japan Independent Exhibition(International Department)
The Salon Des Arttistes Independants,whose motto is Anti-Academism,Started in
France in 1884.Inheriting its spirit and thought,we founded Nihon Bijyutsu kai (Japan Art Association)in 1947.
Since then,we have exhibited our works every year under the name of Japan Independent Exhibition.
We have held this exhibition disregarding commercialism and guaranteeing free and equal participation for artists.
Now,We are facing various kinds of problems around the world:war,civil war,terrorism,refugees,and so on.We haven''t been able to banish hatred and segregation.
For example,here in Japan,we are still struggling with suffering and tribulations caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima Nuclear Accident.
Furthermore,there is a political movement urging Japanese involvement in wars,try to chang our peaceful constitution which has been preserved since the end of World War Two.
Of course,these are only a few examples relating to Japan.
We call all the artists of the world to create messages of love and peace.We hope to collect your works and exhibit them to spread messages of love and peace.We will be very glad if you send us your work drawn on post card.
Please take the following points into consideration.
1.We will exhibit your postscard as a part of the 73th Japan Independent
Exhibition at the National Art Center,Tokyo.
2.The exhibition is from March 18(Wed)to March 30(Mon)in 2020.
3.Please write the title of your picture,your name,and your nationality on the back of your post card.
4.Please send your post card to the following address.
Nihonbijyutsukai Kokusaibu Mail Art kakari
Heiwa To Roudou Center,2-4-4 Yushima,Bunkyo-Ku,Tokyo,Zip Code 113-0034
5.Send us your postcard by February 15th,2020.
6.Your post card will not be returned.
7.We will display your posts cards on B2 panels.
8.We will make a record booklet for your works.
9.Nihonbijyutsukai:Tel:03-5842-5665 Fax:03-5842-5666